For families with kids, a staycation—or vacation at home—can be exhausting for the parents if all the activities are indoors. This article describes 4 innovative outdoor activities that will turn your readers’ next family staycation into an authentic adventure…

4 Outdoor Activities for Your Family Staycation Adventure

A family staycation might not sound all that adventurous to your kids, but these exciting outdoor activities will show them that adventure can be found close to home! Here are four innovative outdoor activities for your next family staycation:

1. Fruit Picking

Look for a kid-friendly farm near your hometown. If you have to drive a fair distance to get there, just make the road trip part of the fun. You could pick cherries, apples, blackberries and many more varieties of fruit-it just depends on the season. When you get home, plan a family bake-off and sample your delicious fruit in tarts, pies and salads.

2. Water Fun

if your hometown has a water park, pack a picnic lunch and spend the whole day there. Enjoy an afternoon at the community swimming pool or go sailing on a lake. Hike to a natural waterfall or play volleyball at the beach. Sign up for sea kayaking classes. If none of these options are viable, then just fill an inflatable pool with water and get out the squirt guns. Playing with water is fun for all ages and will get your kids running around and shrieking with laughter.

3 Scenic Train Rides

Train rides come in all shapes and sizes, from a short trip to the other end of town to a day trip across the mountains. Some train rides offer activities especially geared for children, such as “train robberies,” interactive guided tours, and comedy shows. Add an educational component to the activity by challenging your kids to learn about the areas you’ll be passing through, or play games such as I Spy out the window.

4. Zoos and Nature Parks

A zoo can offer enough amusement for an entire day. Some city zoos offer free or reduced rates for families, or special events such as animal feeding. Since you’re on staycation, you can avoid the weekend crowds and enjoy the peace and quiet of the off-peak hours. As for nature parks, look for activities like horseback rides, hiking, day programs and camping. Try one or all four of these healthy and family-centered activities during your staycation. Your kids will have a thrilling time, your house will stay clean, and you’ll enjoy yourself too.

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