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Do you want to get your kids out of the house and into the backyard for outdoor fun? A backyard zipline is the answer. Your children will love flying through your yard on this fun equipment. As you enjoy your zipline, be sure that you and your kids are safe by following these 5 safety tips.

5, Safety Tips for a Fun and Safe Backyard Zipline

Who doesn’t love zipping through the sky? Ziplines are fun, and that’s why they are popular at amusement parks, camps and outdoor adventure locations all over the world.

You don’t have to travel to an exotic location to enjoy the thrill of ziplining. You can buy a kit and install a zipline in your own backyard.

Ziplining is a physical activity that involves being off the ground, so safety rules are important. Keep these tips in mind when you and your children are enjoying your backyard zipline.

Insist on the right gear.

Everyone who participates in ziplining should wear an appropriately sized helmet. Riders should also wear tight clothing with nothing hanging loose or dangling, like a scarf or oversized sweater. Long hair should be pulled back, and feet should be properly covered.

Restrict riders according to guidelines.

Your zipline kit will tell you exactly what the appropriate size and age of riders should be. Buy the right size for your family, and do not make exceptions to the rules. You could be inviting disaster if you allow riders who are too small or too big for your equipment.

Get permission from parents of other people’s children.

Even a small, backyard zipline is not without safety risks. If you are allowing other people’s kids to use your backyard zipline, it’s important that their parents know about it. Be sure to talk to parents personally and get permission. Don’t rely on the word of a child.

This is to protect other parents’ rights and to protect yourself from potential lawsuits if someone else’s child gets hurt on your zipline. Even if the child is not following your rules, you can still be held responsible for injuries.

Allow one rider at a time.

There should only be one person on a zipline at a time, and other people should stay clear of the zipline when someone is riding. Insist that your guests follow these rules, and do not allow someone to ride who is not taking safety seriously.

Always provide adult supervision.

A zipline is wonderful fun, but it is not the kind of toy children should use unsupervised. Make sure you or another adult are present any time the backyard zipline is being used.

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