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Enjoying the outdoors doesn’t mean you have to be roughing it. Have a great camping trip this summer and make it a little easier! Use these 6 tips and tricks to make your camping experience more comfortable and fun.

Camping is a great way to get back to nature and enjoy your summer. Make your camping trip more relaxing with these 6 tips to make your camping trip more comfortable and fun!

1. Pests. Mosquitoes are the worst part of camping. Keep these pesky pests at bay by adding dried sage leaves to your campfire. The scent and the smoke will repel mosquitoes. Tea tree oil also helps keep mosquitoes away. Mix 1 part tea tree oil with 2 parts water and spray the solution around your campsite.

2. Easy Fire Starter. Starting a fire can be a pain in the butt. Make things easier by making these simple and effective fire starters before you go. Raid the lint trap of your dryer and stuff it inside some empty toilet paper rolls, crush the ends and you’ve got some excellent fire starter. Another option is to take cosmetic pads, dip them in wax and let them dry. Now you have a bag of fire starting chips! These little tricks make starting a fire simple.

3. Ready-made Cocktails. Use canning jars to make ready-made cocktails. Mix up your cocktails, fill up the jars and you’re all ready for an evening around the campfire. You can make a variety of different drinks and let it be a surprise what you pull out of the cooler. Just shake and drink!

4. Lanterns. To make an easy or spur of the moment lantern, wrap your head-lamp around a jug of water. The light will reflect off the water and create a great lantern.

5. Quick and Clever Breakfast. To make a great and super simple breakfast, fill a plastic bag with chopped vegetables. Next, crack as many eggs as needed into the bag. Shake it up, drop it into a pot of hot water and soon you will have an omelet. It’s just that easy.

6. Sun Burn Relief. Don’t forget to pack the tea! Believe it or not, coating the burned area with tea will make the bum feel a lot better. Earl Grey tea is rumored to be the best for sun burn relief. Steep the tea bags in warm water until the water is black. Now, press the wet tea bags onto the burned area. Relief in an instant!

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