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The thought of a camping holiday can call up images of sitting in a rain-drenched field, worrying if the tent will stay up and wondering how to keep the kids occupied for the afternoon. While this is a common view of a holiday under canvas, it is also far from the reality of what a camping holiday can involve. This article discusses three alternative types of camping holidays that may tempt readers into the great outdoors.

Alternative Camping Holidays

These days, a camping holiday doesn’t have to consist of an endless struggle with leaky tents and broken tent poles. Here are some alternatives that make it possible to enjoy an outdoor holiday in relative comfort and without breaking the bank:

1. The Camping Pod

A camping pod provides the same experience as a traditional small tent but with added security. The pods are constructed from timber and insulated with wool. They are of a curved design and resemble small, wooden, semi-circular shaped igloos. They provide a degree of comfort from the elements without detracting at all from the experience of camping.

Camping pods commonly have a power point and lighting and are secured by lockable French doors. They are usually hired out without any other furnishings or conveniences. Campers are required to bring all their own camping equipment, minus the tent itself. The experience is extremely similar to camping in a small canvas tent but there is the security of the timber structure and the added warmth.

Many camping pod sites like to emphasise the eco-friendly nature of pod camping. Built from renewable materials, the pods are also intended to be aesthetically pleasing and relatively unobtrusive in the environment.

2. Glamping

Glamping or ‘Glam Camping’ has grown in popularity in recent years. As the name implies it is a luxury form of camping: it involves tents, but they are likely to be of a spacious safari variety, frequently they can accommodate six or more adults. The idea is that the ‘glampers’ can have an authentic outdoor camping experience but with enough luxuries to enable them to camp in comfort. Essential to every glamping holiday is a very comfortable bed under sturdy and spacious canvas. After this there are a number of optional luxuries but most glamping tents will include a refrigerator, power points, comfortable seating and even shower and toilet facilities. There are glamping sites to suit every taste. Aside from those that get on with the job of providing comfortable camping, there are others which put the emphasis on the ‘glam’: safari tents decked out in the fashion of high class hotels, or log cabins built as elaborate, fairy-tale tree houses.

The point with most glamping sites is to provide comfortable, often slightly off-beat, and even luxurious accommodation while still retaining the authenticity of camping outdoors. To heighten the ‘glamping’ experience the accommodation will often be in a relatively secluded area or at the most scenic edge of a regular camping site.

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