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Asti, Italy, well known for its sweet, sparkling wine, is a lovely little town in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy. This article offers details about the wine heritage of Asti, a brief history of the town, and some great things to see and do…

Asti, Italy …Known for Sweet, Sparkling Wine

Asti, Italy is a town (commune) located in the Piedmont region of northwest Italy, and is capital of the province of Asti.

The town is situated above sea level in a plain of the Tanaro River, and carries a population of around 71,500 (as of 2003).

Asti’s Wine Heritage

Asti is known for its sweet, sparkling wine which is made mainly from the Muscat Grape. The wine is unusual in its alcohol contents, with most wines from Asti containing below 8% alcohol. Asti wine was once called “Asti Spumante”, but the latter was dropped, and now it is known as only “Asti” to prevent possible mix-ups with wines from other locations. One of the most prominent producers of Italian wine is located in Asti.

People come from all around to the wine tasting festivals which take place year round. Festivals are held in and around the area almost every week of the year!

A nice, peaceful drive through the wine hills of Monferrato and Langhe reveals beautiful hilltop villages and castles.

Brief History of Asti

The city was founded by the Romans, and its ancient walls are still standing on the northern end of the city. A portion of the Roman walls was also found in the center of the city during the late 20th century.

Asti still has a Medieval appearance with a standing Gothic cathedral which dates back to the 14th century.

Things to Do in Asti

There are many events held throughout the year in Asti with several related to food and wine. The Barbera fairs at Castagnole Lanze, Nizza Monferrato, Agliano, and Montegrosso to name a few.

Several interesting historical events such as the Siege of Canelli in June or the period of Lent and Pentecoste are also recommended activities.

The National Asti Theater Festival is held in the main town. Also, if you’re in Asti during September, an ancient bareback horse race called the Palio is quite a spectacle, with thousands of participants in costumes resembling the 13th century.

For a more relaxing scenery, you can take a drive through the gorgeous Apennine Mountains.

Asti also has abundant outdoor markets, museums and churches, as well as shops.

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