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Riding a bicycle through the Cornish countryside can be an unforgettable experience. Cornwall’s Tamar Valley lends itself particularly well to mountain biking, with countless trails and routes for all skill levels. Along the way, bicyclists take a journey into the history of the Industrial Revolution — and even earlier.

The Cornish Tamar Valley is itself a mixed woodland, but its remarkable industrial and mining history makes it a particular attraction. Throughout the heydays of the Industrial Revolution, arsenic, copper, plus countless other minerals were mined in the Tamar Valley. Fortunes were made at breakneck speed, and new technologies, some unlike any the world ever knew, became common.

Exploring the Tamar Valley is a journey into the past. You’ll find yourself stumbling across structures that date back more than two hundred years, just waiting to be found. Bike the trails, and you?ll pass massive granite engine houses as well as vintage mineral tramways, once used to transport copper ore from one place to the other.

As you pass spectacular views, the trails of the Tamar Valley will also take you past the remains of former mine buildings and mine shafts… as well as woods whose original ownership dates back to a time before modern record keeping. Information boards at different points inform you about the area’s history and its workings.

The Tamar Valley is, of course, not strictly a historical experience. It has plenty of views to enjoy, as well. If you like, you can even take your bike on-road, touring between the many quaint Cornish towns and other places of interest. Many roads in Cornwall are equipped with cycle lanes, while numerous local cycling shops and councils publish information about the routes located in their area.

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