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Experimenting with kawaii style doesn’t have to be expensive. From buying some glitter and a few badges to dressing up your hairstyle with the right accessories, it’s easy to go kawaii if you have a little imagination and self-confidence. Make your life cuter with kawaii style!

Bright Ideas for Kawaii Style

Do you want to become more kawaii? Here are a few tips for making your lifestyle cuter.

Chuck out the black. Go through your wardrobe and throw out the gloomy colours. Kawaii needs to be either bright and vibrant, or pastel and sweet. Lavender, baby blue, gentle pink, or creams and off-whites all work well, while bright pink and neon green can jazz up a brighter outfit. If you can get confectionery in a colour, it probably works think Starbursts, Parma Violets, Love Hearts, or M&Ms.

Add frills. Any item of clothing can have frills or lace applied to it. Shirt cuffs, collars, or the hems of skirts and T-shirts are all easy places to add a bit of a ruffle. Chop a white shirt in two horizontally and put it back together with a lace panel in the middle, or run lacy ruffles down the front.

Cute accessories make great kawaii. Along, lacy scarf can bring a touch of elegance to a kawaii outfit, or a big, fuzzy scarf can give a warm, soft feeling. Cute bags and backpacks, like Hello Kitty or Pikachu, are both cute and useful. You can even use keyrings and small toys as accessories if you have enough confidence.

A hairstyle isn’t kawaii till it’s been accessorised. Use big bows, ribbons, Alice bands, or brightly coloured hair clips and bobbles to jazz things up. Plaits and pigtails are an excuse for more hair accessories, or just use one big, floppy bow — if it’s good enough for Hello Kitty, it’s good enough for you.

Kawaii is all about layers. Put a simple cashmere cardigan over a lacy dress, or a sleeveless loose jacket over your shirt. Casual draped layering works best, so soft wool and lots of fabric softener will help you achieve a good effect.

Mix and match. Contrasts create the best kawaii outfits: cute patterns with bright colours, white tops with bright tights, or a plain shirt with a ruffly, exuberant skirt.

You can never have too many badges and brooches. Add cute badges to the straps of your handbag, pin them to your head band, or put them on the lapels of your jacket. If you have enough, you could cover your jacket entirely with them.

As far as make-up goes, kawaii style concentrates on making your eyes as big as possible. Use light eye-shadow colours, and avoid using eyeliner too heavily.

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