The glory days may have passed you by, but there are still many opportunities to participate in team sports. The popularity of adult recreational sports leagues across the country is growing at an incredible rate. Find out what makes them so popular and why there are so many benefits to participation.

Remember the days when the neighborhood kids marveled at your pitching prowess? Or when your classmates referred to you as the next Larry Bird? Those were the glory days and like Bruce Springsteen so eloquently crooned, “they’ll pass you by”. Although we know this as fact, getting older doesn’t mean that you have to give up playing those sports you love.

Adult recreational sports leagues across the country are becoming beacons for the weekend warriors. These leagues or clubs, as they are sometimes called, offer a wide variety of team sports for adult males and females. Frequent offerings include flag football, softball, basketball, soccer, volleyball and even the playground favorite kickball. Most games are played on weeknights, and players can participate in leagues where the level of competition is consistent with their own skill level. Participant costs average $60 – $90 for a 7 game Season, and many leagues also include postseason tournaments.

Still not convinced you’re ready to shake off the game day rust? Consider these five great benefits to participating in adult recreational sports leagues:

A Break from the Gym

Do you really want to step onto that elliptical machine a third day in a row? Running around during the course of any competitive team game will give you a great cardio workout and it gets you outside the stuffy fitness center to enjoy some fresh air.

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