Camping near and around Barcelona offers tourists an inexpensive way to enjoy the city. Plus, camp goers also get to enjoy a number of activities at camp for all around fun.

Easy Camping in Barcelona

Whether you are simply looking for a less expensive option than staying at a 5-star hotel or you are interested in the relaxing, back-to-nature approach of camping in the outdoors, several campsites are located relatively close to Barcelona. Three campsites in particular are relatively close to Barcelona – Masnou, Tres Estrellas, and the Barcelona campsite. While Masnou and Tres Estrellas are closer to Barcelona, the Barcelona Camp is designed to provide easy access to the city centre.

Camping in Barcelona: Masnou

Masnou is a small town that can be found north of Barcelona. The campsite in the town of Masnou is within a stone’s throw or five minutes of the train station. However, since it has several stops, the train ride can take as long as thirty minutes. Since the trains leave every ten minutes so riders rarely have to wait any longer than that. The campsite is also accessible by bus, which runs throughout the night as well as throughout the day. This campsite is open all year long and offers spots for tents and camper vans.

This campsite has less to offer than either Barcelona Camp or Tres Estrellas. However, the amenities are sufficient for a camping area and include public showers, laundry area, a pool, and more. A small supermarket is also available for camp goers.

Camping in Barcelona: Tres Estrellas

This campsite is located approximately 12 km away from Barcelona in Gava. It is located on the beach area, providing access to sand, sun, and surf. Transportation to and from the camp is provided with buses that run conveniently throughout the day and night about twenty minutes apart from one bus to the next. The bus station itself is located only a mere 500 meters away from Tres Estrellas.

Tres Estrellas is set up for people of all ages to enjoy. From flamenco shows to volleyball games to movies to performances by clowns, this campsite has a lot to offer families as well as individuals. In fact, the activities mentioned here are only a few of the ones that are available. There’s so much to do that camp goers will always be able to find something to do without even stepping off the campsite. The camp also includes two separate swimming pools so camp visitors can move from one to the other if they find it to be too crowded.

Within Tres Estrellas, camp goers have access to a supermarket that is designed to meet their needs while staying at camp. Additionally, two restaurants and a bar provide a variety of meals and beverages so camp guests always have options to choose from. A separate barbeque area is also available for those camp visitors who enjoy a tasty sampling of barbecued food. A souvenir shop offering lots of gifts with reasonable prices is located within the camp as well.

Camping in Barcelona: Barcelona

This campsite is located north of the city of Barcelona. It is a bit further away from the city centre than the two campsites described above. However, for those who enjoy getting away from the city, this is the campsite to set up your tent.

Camping at the Barcelona camp features access to numerous amenities as well as a friendly and helpful service staff. Not only does the camp feature a delightful restaurant and Internet café, but it also has a supermarket for those who prefer to dine in or need a few essential items.

Swimming lessons are offered at the pool. Plus, the camp offers activities geared toward children such as painting, circus workshops, and other creative activities. WI-Fi is available in each of the camp bungalows.

Camp guests have access to both the trains running out of St. Andreu de Llavaneres Train Station as well as the night buses that pick up and drop off right at the entrance to the camp. The train ride lasts approximately twenty minutes, but this shouldn’t be a problem as the route is scenic. Plus, Barcelona Camp features a private bus for camp goers only. It drives them directly to and from Barcelona.

Intro: Camping near and around Barcelona offers tourists an inexpensive way to enjoy the city. Plus, camp goers also get to enjoy a number of activities at camp for all around fun.

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