Hiking is a great way to spend time together asa family, but enjoying the great outdoors with kids in tow can be quite a challenge. This article provides a list of tips parents can use to enjoy hiking with the kids.

Backpacking can be a wonderful family adventure, but bringing the kids along is sure ot present some challenges. Many families underestimate how difficult it can be to keep the kids interested and engaged out on the trail, and man a hike has been ruined by a lack of preparation.

Fortunately there are some simple steps parents can take to get that first family hike off to a great start. With the right preparation and the right attitude hiking as a family can become a favorite outing — one that the whole family can enjoy.

Get the Kids Involved in the Packing it is always a good idea for parents to let their kids help pack their own gear. Letting the kids help pack will get them into the spirit of the adventure and help them prepare for their first hike.

Parents should explain that each child will have to carry his or her own pack, so keeping the weight to a minimum is important. It is important for parents to check the weight of each child’s bag to make sure it is appropriate for their age. If the bags are too heavy parent and child can work together to remove unnecessary items and reduce the bulk. This simple exercise will help the kids understand the importance of packing light — an important consideration for hikers of any age.

Choose Your Trail Carefully

Choosing the trail is just as important as choosing the right gear, and it is important for parents to choose their hiking trails with care when bringing the kids along. It is important to choose a trail that is suitable for beginners in order to ensure the whole family has a great time. It is also a good idea to choose a trail that is not too long for the first time out. Choosing a short trail will allow parents to return to base camp if the kids become tired or frustrated.

Let the Kids Bring Their Own Special Items

A few special items from home can provide valuable reassurance for kids on their first hike in the wilderness. When it comes time to pack the kids can choose a favorite toy or comfort item to remind them of good times.

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