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The sport of paragliding is quickly growing in popularity, which means that many new paragliders will be taking to the skies. This article provides some essential safety tips those first-timers can use to stay safe and have fun.

Paragliding is a great sport, and one that is growing in popularity. There is just something inspirational about sailing so far above the earth while enjoying a true bird’s eye view of nature. Paragliding is a particularly great way to see the countryside, and the sport is a great adventure for any thrill seeker. Many first-time paragliders find themselves so enamored with the sport that they go back to their favorite paragliding spots time after time.

As with so many outdoor pastimes, it is important for first-time paragliders to take safety seriously. When done properly and with the right equipment, paragliding is quite safe, but danger can arise when the proper precautions are not taken. Whether you are paragliding in the middle of nowhere or a major tourist resort, you need to take a safety first approach to the sport.

No matter where you choose to embark on your first paragliding adventure, these tips can help you get off to a safe start.

Seek the help of an experienced paragliding instructor, at least for your first couple trips. An experienced instructor can teach you proper techniques and keep you safe while you learn.

Check out the latest weather forecasts before you leave and before you launch. Wind speed and other factors can have a big impact on your paragliding adventure.

Maintain your paragliding equipment properly, and always check its condition before each trip.

Double-check all your harness connections before you suit up, and again before you launch. Abort the adventure if anything does not look right.

Practice proper paragliding techniques on the ground. Regular practice will build muscle memory and help you avoid problems in the air.

Keep your legs down when launching, and do not raise them until you are well clear of the launch site. Every great parasailing adventure starts with a great launch.

Know your landing zone and plan for a great landing while still in the air. An experienced paragliding instructor can help you plan and execute a great landing.

These safety tips are not just for the first-time paraglider.

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