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When people think of camping, they often either think of tent camping or RV camping. There is a third option, which is to set up a place to sleep in the back of the VAN or RV. These tips help discover some easy ways to make it more comfortable.

Essential Tips For Camping in Your VAN or SUV

When you head on a camping trip, you might decide that instead of staying in a tent, you want to stay in the back of your VAN or SUV. This is a good idea whether you are concerned about the weather, feel safer in your vehicle, or you don’t have camping gear but need a place to crash for the night. These tips will help you to set up a comfortable and safe place in the back of your vehicle to camp out

Pull Out Any Seats Not Being Used

The seats in the back might be getting in the way of you having a comfortable bed, so pull out any of the ones you don’t need. If you are traveling alone or with a significant other, pull out all back seats to make room for a bed. If you have kids with you, just pull out as many as you can. An SUV with three rows of seats still has plenty of room for sleeping areas if you pull out the second and third rows. You might have enough room for setting up cushions and blankets or even enough room for a twin-size air mattress.

Set Up Your Sleeping Area

When camping in a VAN or SUV, you want to have a comfortable sleeping area in the back. This might mean packing less items with you if there isn’t a lot of room, but remember you can also tie down some of your suitcases and gear on the roof. Depending on how much room you have, you can Set up sleeping pads, foam cushion, or mattresses. A big VAN with no back seats would probably fit a small mattress or air mattress. Others require the use of sleeping pads and lots of blankets for cushion. The latter is a good idea because you can roll them up during the day to leave room for daily activities.

Cover the Windows For Privacy

This is an optional step, but many people can’t completely relax in the back of their VAN or SUV if people can peek in the windows and watch them sleep or relax If your VAN has tinted windows and you aren’t using a flashlight at night, nobody will be able to see you anyway. However, if you don’t have tinted windows or you have lights on inside, they might be able to.

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