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Westminster Abbey has long been a favorite destination for London natives and visitors alike. This article takes a look at the beauty and charm of this magnificent church.

There are of course many spectacular buildings in the city of London, and this vibrant city boasts one of the most memorable skylines on the planet. From the grandeur of Buckingham Palace to the classic elegance of Big Ben, there are wonderful sights at every turn. Even so, for many visitors to London there is simply no building more beautiful than Westminster Abbey. This gothic building is a standout on the London skyline, and in the hearts of many natives and visitors as well.

For centuries Westminster Abbey has been the site for the coronation of kings, and this spectacular church has served as a burial place for many of those monarchs as well. This wonderful attraction still serves as the sight of many special events, including many that are open to the public. Those planning a stay in London should be sure to check the event schedule for more information about what is taking place and when.

Visitors to London will also be happy to learn that there are many regularly scheduled tours of Westminster Abbey, and it is highly recommended that all London-bound visitors add a tour of Westminster Abbey to their to-do list. The tours are conducted by knowledgeable and friendly tour guides, and they are a wonderful way to take in the stunning size, elegance and grandeur of this remarkable place of worship.

The area surrounding Westminster Abbey is rich in history, and the architectural is some of the most stunning in all of London. Those planning a visit to the Abbey should be sure to allow ample time for strolling through the neighborhood and taking in its charm. There are plenty of wonderful places to eat, and plenty of great places to stay in the area as well. The streets and alleys surrounding Westminster Abbey are charming in their own right, and the area is a people watcher’s paradise as well. Sunset over Westminster Abbey is a sight not to be missed, and there are many wonderful vantage points in the area that are perfect for photographers and nature lovers alike.

Of course visitors to Westminster Abbey will need a great place to stay, and fortunately there are a number of attractively priced accommodations right in the neighborhood. Many first time visitors to London assume that there are no affordable alternatives to the high priced hotels dotting the area, but in fact London has many reasonably priced accommodations for those willing to shop around.

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