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If you are looking for a fun getaway in the Long Island area, Camp Hero park should definitely be on your short list. This article takes a look at this popular park, including its many amenities, its historical artifacts and its wealth of family fun.

Explore the Beauty of Nature at Camp Hero Park

When you live within an easy commute of the big city, you might not expect to be surrounded by the beauty of nature, but residents of Long Island can enjoy the best of both worlds. With easy access to New York City and its suburbs, those who live in or near Montauk can spend their days surrounded by skyscrapers, and their weekends amid trees.

The parks in the Long Island area, including famous Camp Hero State Park in Mountauk, serve as a relief valve for local residents, giving them a chance to commune with nature and enjoy the splendor of the seasons in the great outdoors. At the same time, the Long Island park system serves a greater environmental purpose, providing water for area aquifers, preventing land erosion throughout the region and preserving land for generations to come.

Camp Hero has long been a jewel in the Long Island park system, an oasis of fun and relaxation in what has become a popular suburban environment. With more than 400 acres carefully preserved for current and future residents, Camp Hero includes wooded areas, open parkland and even an expanse of beachfront property right next to the Atlantic Ocean.

That oceanfront location makes Camp Hero a perennial favorite with area residents who want to cool off during those hot summer days and nights. The park is home to dedicated sunbathers, happy children and families enjoying some downtime after a busy week at work.

Camp Hero is also home to a wonderful military installation, making it unique among the Long Island parks. Children who come here for the fun of the ocean can visit the Camp Hero military installation and learn about the fascinating history that makes Montauk such a great place to live.

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