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Families visiting London should be sure to check out the Natural History Museum. This stunning tourist attraction has a wealth of things to see and do for young and old alike.

Many first time visitors to London are overwhelmed by the sheer number of museums that call this modern city home. From historical artifacts to the finest works of art, the city of London is home to amazing collections, and some of the best museums in the world. Visitors to London should be sure to visit the Natural History Museum for a unique perspective on the natural world and all its wonders.

Of course the highlight of any natural history museum is the dinosaur exhibit, and the one at the Natural History Museum in London certainly does not disappoint. This modern museum is home to many frightening dinosaurs, and visitors are free to examine the history of the dinosaurs through many informative and engaging exhibits.

Those with a taste for smaller creatures will enjoy the “creepy-crawlies” exhibit, and this exhibition of spiders, insects and other creatures is always a big hit with the younger set. In fact the Natural History Museum is always a big hit with children, and it is one of the premier destinations for families visiting London for the first time.

Children will also love the interactive and educational “earthquake experience”, and the hands on science center dubbed “Investigate”. The museum also hosts a number of special events just for children, and parents should be sure to investigate these programs when they visit the city with their kids.

In addition to the dinosaurs and the insects, the Natural History Museum of London is also home to some other stunning creatures, including an amazing blue whale. Visitors will not soon forget this gigantic creature from the deep, and the blue whale is one of the highlights of the impressive collection.

As with many buildings in London, the structure holding this large collection is a star in its own right. The Natural History Museum is housed in one of the finest examples of gothic revival architecture in the city, and the grand cathedral entrance is a sight to behold.

Of course even the most intrepid museum visitor will need to stop eventually, and the area surrounding the Natural History Museum is home to some fine shops and restaurants. Visitors are free to get a bite to eat and browse for souvenirs in some unique and classically British shops.

Visitors will also find a number of hotel choices surrounding the Natural History Museum. Those on a budget will be pleased to learn that there are a number of affordably priced accommodations in the area, including hotels, guest houses and other lodging choices.

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