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Learn why hikers from around the globe have a bucket list that includes Nevada’s Valley of Fire. This article highlights four of the most popular and scenic hikes in the state’s largest park. The descriptions include the trail lengths and the sights that can be expected on each named hike. Each of the listed hikes is suitable for most levels of physical ability.

4 Great Hikes in the Valley of Fire

Hikers from all over the world enjoy visiting Nevada’s Valley of Fire. It is both the largest and the oldest state park in Nevada. Located about an hour’s drive northeast of the Las Vegas Strip, the park is full of history and adventure for those who seek it. The Valley of Fire is open to visitors all year, but the best time to enjoy it is from October through April. Late spring through early fall tends to be extremely hot in the desert and can be both dangerous and unpleasant.

Scattered throughout the park you’ll find scenic vistas and areas full of ancient petrified wood forests. Native American Indian petroglyphs are also a common treat for sharp-eyed visitors. Of course, the main attraction for the majority of hikers are the trails themselves. The park is home to several enjoyable hikes that are easy treks for most abilities.

The Hikes

Elephant Rock

The shortest of the hikes on our list, Elephant Rock trail is a quarter of a mile round trip. The quick five to ten minutes it takes to reach the rock formation is well worth the effort. The rock isn’t the final destination on this hike, it is the stunning view from behind it that is your goal. Plan on spending extra time at this spot as you want to take in the view from every angle.

Fire Wave

Winding through the park for about one and one-quarter miles, Fire Wave will dazzle you with the unbelievable natural rock art. A display of colorful sandstone formations that change often with the light will stop you in your tracks. Plan on taking tons of pictures.

Mouse’s Tank

This popular destination hike is just under a mile with a three-quarter mile round trip. It is one of the easiest walks for every age and physical ability. Ancient drawings and symbols can be spotted on the walls of Petroglyph Canyon. During the wet season, a natural cistern or pothole in the rock floor is full of water after it rains. Local lore has it that an Indian outlaw named Mouse holed up here when the law was after him for murdering some prospectors.

Rainbow Vista

Coming in at an even one-mile round trip, Rainbow Vista provides hikers with an opportunity to take in spectacular panoramic views.

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