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For those who aren’t fortunate enough to live somewhere free of winter’s cold grip, the time for dreaming about fishing season is almost over. The new fishing is season is just around the comer, which means it’s time to get all your gear ready. Before you head out on the lake, read these quick and easy tips to help make sure your gear is ready to help you land that trophy fish you’ve been dreaming of all winter.

It is that time of year that residents of the frozen tundra have been waiting for anxiously for months. Winter is loosening its grip, the snow and ice are receding, and it is time to fire up the boat and break out your gear for the full fishing season ahead. Before you go getting too excited though, remember that your gear is like your body before a workout.

Just like you wouldn’t roll out of bed in the morning and go right to your weight bench to life weights, your fishing gear shouldn’t be taken out of storage and brought right out to the lake for some fishing. There are a number of steps that need to be followed to get that fishing gear ready to go and prepped to perform each and every time it is cast this coming spring and summer.

Prep Your Rods and Reels

The first thing you’ll need to do is get your rods and reels out of storage and give them a quick once over. Check your rods for signs of stress or damage from the previous fishing season. The last thing you want to have happen when you get that first big bite of the season is to lose a trophy catch because your rod snapped in two. Have repairs made to your rod, or if necessary get it replaced entirely.

Next you’ll want to replace the line on your reel. The line you used last year put in a good season’s worth of work for you, but that doesn’t mean it is ready to haul in more big fish this coming season. Replacing the line is particularly important if you store your gear in a cold garage or shed for the winter. The cold temperatures can make the line brittle and easily allow for a break with a big fish on the line.

For the ambitious anglers out there, running your new fishing line through a rag with Line and Lure Conditioner on it will help the line perform to full potential.

Organize and Prep Your Tackle Box

You can start this task by organizing your tackle box Obviously this task will vary from angler to angler depending upon the depth of variety in their tackle box, but this can be done anytime you have some free time. Empty the drawers or boxes and sort your lures, jigs, and hooks as you see fit. Knowing where they are will make it easier to find the lure you want when you want it, without any hassle.

Once you’ve sorted your tackle box, it may be a good idea to inspect your favorite lures to ensure that all of your hooks are sharp. While most hooks are made from high quality materials these days, it is still a good idea to sharpen your hooks to make sure they can land the big fish of your dreams. Hook sharpening tools and kits are available at any outdoor retailer.

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