This article tells about the bird’s nesting and eating habits, mating and more.


There’s nothing so awesome as seeing a Great Blue Heron lift his mighty wings and lift from the water to take flight.

Great Blue Herons feed mainly on fish that measure half the length of their bills At times they feed on small frogs, birds, reptiles and shellfish. They fish by standing in water without moving. The neck extends to a 45 degree angle to the water’s surface. The head and eyes move to locate prey. If no fish appear, the heron moves a short distance and once again takes up the stance described above. When prey is seen, the bird folds its’ neck back, moves one leg toward the fish, unbends its’ body and plunges its’ head into the water. If the fish is caught, the bird extends its’ neck upwards and drops the catch into the gullet. This is an amazing spectacle to witness.

Herons also fish by wading in shallow water until fish are driven from a hiding spot. The bird then uses the same technique to catch the prey. Great Blue Herons also dive underwater to catch their dinner. I have witnessed this several times when visiting the backwater marshes of Lake Erie.

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