Having the proper equipment is key to a successful camping trip. Here are some tips and suggestions to help plan and prepare for a family camping trip.

Camping can be a relaxing respite from modern life. Away from the usual daily stress, surrounded by nature and enjoying the company of family or friends — this is camping at its best.

How to Prepare for a Camping Trip

Taking time to plan and prepare is one of the best ways to insure that your camping trip will be a good one. If you’re a novice camper, or if you haven’t done much camping since your childhood, invite a more experienced family or friend to come along.

There are two basic types of camping: tailgate (or car camping) and backpacking. With tailgate camping, you drive to a campground and park your car in your campsite. Backpacking involves packing your camping gear into a wilderness area. For novice campers, tailgate camping is the best way to start out.

When deciding on a destination for your camping trip, consider the activities available. Hiking, swimming, biking, boating, sight seeing — these are just some of the things you can do on a camping trip. Before leaving, make a campsite reservation and get all the details about your destination.

Camping equipment is available in all price ranges. Deciding what kind of equipment to buy can be intimidating for a beginner. Try to borrow equipment for your first trip, or get advice from a friend if you are purchasing equipment.

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