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Beijing is one of the world’s most important cities, and the metropolis attracts more tourists every year. This article provides an overview of Beijing’s most important landmarks and gives advice on where to eat.

Making the Most of a Day in Beijing

Beijing, China’s bustling capital city, is an astonishing patchwork of emerging skyscrapers, sprawling residential neighborhoods, and cultural landmarks. This teeming metropolis holds more attractions than average tourist could witness in a year, much less a brief stopover. With so much to offer, it’s hard to decide which of Beijing’s myriad restaurants, museums, and shops merit a spot at the top of the traveler’s itinerary. A few spots are truly must-sees for any traveler, though.

Beijing’s “Forbidden City” is the cultural epicenter of China. The vast complex contains the Imperial Palace and some of the most importance artifacts of China’s storied history. The site is the Asian super power’s Smithsonian and Metropolitan Museum of Art rolled into one. To adequately explore the entire complex would take weeks, but a state-certified tour guide can show you the highlights. Be sure to map a photograph at the palace’s iconic entrance.

If the Forbidden City is home to China’s past, Tiananmen Square hosts the country’s controversial past. You’ll immediately recognize the square as the location of one of the world’s most famous photographs, but you won’t find tanks or demonstrators there today. Instead, the striking thing about Tiananmen Square today is the huge swath of open space in the middle of the dense urban jungle. Even as you buy a tasty local treat from a vendor on the corner, it’s impossible to avoid a Sight feeling of tension while standing on the set of one of the world’s most famous political dramas.

After along day of cultural experiences, you’ll be delighted to find a huge array of delicious cuisine in Beijing. It’s possible to find food from every cultural in the world in the capital city, but the local favorite is roast duck.

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