How Maple Syrup gets from the tree to your table.


Most, if not all of us, have enjoyed maple sugar candy or maple syrup poured over our pancakes. If you’re like me, you knew that maple syrup came from trees, but you weren’t completely sure of the process involved.

Well, now I know how it’s done. My daughter and I attended an event at the Warner Nature Center in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota where we learned how to make syrup.

The Naturalist on duty read us a Native American legend about how the Creator had filled the trees with syrup that flowed year-round. One day the Creator went walking among the People’s villages. There weren’t any cooking fires, there was no gardening going on, no children running to meet him. He found the people lying on their backs in the maple grove, mouths open, letting the sweet sap drip into their mouths. Manabozho (known by many different names) dipped a birch bark bucket into the nearby lake and filled all the trees with water, diluting the sap. He told the people they would now have to return to hunting and fishing and go back to working their crops and that they would now have to work to get the sweet syrup from the trees.

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