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Ready to try minimalist running but living on a minimalist budget? For the crafty, thrifty, and DIY inclined, there are some great options for crafting your own pair of minimalist running shoes for all climates.

There’s no reason “minimalist” running can’t also apply to your wallet. With popular brands of minimalist running shoes comparable in price to standard sports shoes, you may want to think twice about shelling out for those “barefoot shoes”.

However, you can still create a pair of minimalist running shoes for yourself, easily and at home. Here are a few options and ideas for making your homemade minimalist running shoes.

Warm Weather Running? Try Huarache Running Sandals

Huarache running sandals are based on the traditional sandals of the Tarahumara Indians from western Mexico. The traditional sandals are made from strips of leather, but many modern materials can be used as well for comfortable and durable running sandals.

Huaraches can be made by tracing the foot on a sheet of rubber, rubber/nylon matting, or an old tire. Three holes are punched, one on the inside of the big two, and two on either side of the ankle. Rope is then strung through the holes to create the sandal straps. There are many different way to tie sandals and an abundance of huarache-making tutorials. For the best results, refer to a detailed tutorial before beginning. Great success has been achieved using both soft chord and strong elastic rope.

Cold Weather Running? Moccasins are the Way to Go

Moccasins are soft leather shoes. The great advantage of moccasins is that they can be used in snow and cold weather. Not only that, but you can add a sock layer for extra warmth. Moccasins are a great option for those living in colder climates. Moccasins can be made at home with about a yard of leather, an instructional pattern, thick thread, and a leather needle. Moccasins last a long time when used on natural surfaces, are relatively easy to make at home. Moccasins are cozy and comfortable for daily use.

Saving the Budget, Saving the Feet

The cheapest option is to simply run barefoot, but many people are hesitant to run on rough surfaces. In many urban areas, broken glass and dangerous waste can make barefoot running a health hazard. With a little ingenuity, some crafts skill, and a little money spent on raw materials, you can craft your own minimalist running shoes at home.

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