This article discusses the type of habitat where morel mushrooms may be found. How to properly pick mushrooms and what to carry the mushrooms in is also addressed. Morel mushroom etiquette is also discussed.

Morel hunting is more than picking mushrooms. When in the woods know what to look for, what to carry, and how to act.

Where to Find Mushrooms

Certain types of habitat will produce mushrooms, such as secondary growth forests and aspen stands. Within these habitats, morels can often be found next to rotting elm logs or within aspen stands. Learn about these types of habitats to enhance your mushrooming experience.

Sometimes word of mouth is the best bet in finding a productive mushroom habitat. Morel mushrooms often grown localized spots that not many people know about. Finding them can be an adventure!

If you’re in a general area that should produce morel mushrooms, look for people with woven bags. This is a dead giveaway that a morel mushroom habitat will be found. Experienced morel hunters always carry bags that will release morel spores for the following season. Look for stalks of mushrooms that people have left behind and then return to this spot the following year.

How to Carry Morel Mushrooms

Morel mushrooms should be carried in some sort of woven bag. Bags should be very loosely woven. Specialty outdoor shops often carry such bags. A bag that is used to enclose onions can also be used. Not only are onion bags cheap (the price of a bag of onions) but they work very well. These types of bags allow mushroom spores to freely disperse throughout the environment, something that every morel hunter wants, because the spores produce more mushrooms the following year.

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