The endangered salmon shows us lessons on how to live a directed life.

The salmon stand head and shoulders above all of nature’s magnificent creatures.

Born on the headwaters of a river, the young salmon ride the currents downstream until, like the river, they find the open sea. There in the free waters they fight to survive. Every moment is a struggle against predators. In the vast, ruthless ocean the salmon live for about four years, until a basic, restless need drives them to return to the shallow waters of their birth. They gather at the mouth of the river to begin the pilgrimage of their lives. Traveling upstream, they swim relentlessly against the currents. Against the rapids, against man-made dams, against poisoned waters, against bloodthirsty predators, they press on resolutely.

The salmon never stop — not to eat or to rest.

They swim and jump and fight through the obstacles. And by sheer courage and tenacity, they overcome the staggering odds to reach their birthplace —a journey of a thousand miles from and a thousand feet above the open sea. There the salmon, weak and worn, gather the last of its strength-the male to find and dig a safe nesting place, and the female to lay her precious eggs. The salmon will traverse the length of the river only twice in its lifetime; once with the river’s flow and once against. They will never again swim the salty waters of the sea… In the shallow brooks and streams of their birth, the salmon return to sire their young and then to pass away.

Thus, the headwaters of their birth also become their graves; the brave salmon’s final resting place.

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