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Oristano, Italy is a province of Sardinia; a fishing town with some beautiful scenery. This article describes Oristano and its tasteful gourmet foods, a brief history and festivals that are popular in the town…

Oristano, Italy…a Province of Sardinia

Oristano is a province (or city) of Sardinia, Italy which is located in a beautiful area near the sea, lagoons and mountains.

The River Tirso flows through the region with connected lagoons and lakes, which have created gorgeous marsh lands in Oristano.

History of Oristano

Oristano, being a main town of the Giudicato of Arborea, has ancient roots. From the 10th to the 14th centuries, Oristano was an independent, self-governed land. Not much is known about the history of Oristano. Much of the lands there are still untouched by civilization. The city’s economy depends largely on fishing.

Places to See in Oristano

Besides the beautiful scenery of Oristano, there are some great wonders of the land. Two in particular are the Sacred Well of Santa Cristina and the Losa Nuraghe, which is located on the Abbasanta plateau.

The Sacred well of Cristina has been preserved extraordinarily, and was constructed during the Bronze Age. Built from stone brick, the well still has water today!

The Losa Nuraghe isa must-see archaeological trilobate structure. Three towers are still standing and a wall surrounds remains of the Nuraghic village. It’s a great place for learning unique historical facts about the Roman or Punic periods.

Some other places to visit are the Island of Mal di Ventre, Tharros, the Monte Arci Park, and La Sartiglia.

Delicious Gourmet Foods from Oristano

Known for delicious gourmet dishes, visitors to Oristano are Sure to enjoy a variety of breads such as Su coccoi and Pane carasau.

Because Oristano is known for being a “fishing town”, Pesci arrosto (grilled fresh fish) and Anguidda incasada (eels) are some of the delights. Other specialties include baby lamb (roasted) and pig (roasted).

Fruits and vegetables are also abundant in the land, and the area is known for producing fabulous tomatoes, artichokes, asparagus, thistles and aubergines.

Some popular desserts include Mustazzolus (made from wort, yeast, sugar and flour) and Seadas (crepes fried and stuffed with cheese and honey topping).

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