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Hiking is a pleasant activity enjoyed by people of all ages. Proper gear is essential for a quality trail experience that hikers will remember for many years. This article relates the gear that the casual hiker might need to enjoy a ramble in the woods.

Proper Hiking Gear for an Enjoyable Hike

Hiking is a pleasant outdoor activity that has many benefits for both body and soul. The gear necessary to enjoy a memorable hike is minimal and constitutes a modest investment compared to the wealth of benefits it confers.

Quality hiking boots are the first requirement for hiking. A good pair of boots is sturdy, water-resistant and fits well. Superior boots will enhance the hiking experience; inferior ones will cause much pain and sorrow, so it is important to choose a well-fitting pair.

A water jug, even on short hikes, is a necessity. One should always carry water as dehydration can cause premature tiredness; a good gulp of water is always welcome on the trail. Most water jugs for hiking will fasten to a belt or have an adjustable waist or shoulder strap to secure them.

On longer hikes a backpack might also be necessary to carry trail food and other necessities. On a hike of several hours the body will consume many calories which need replacement. A handful of trail mix, an apple or a bit of chocolate can restore the energy needed to complete the hike.

A good compass and trail map are essential if the hike is in unfamiliar territory. Study the map well before starting on the hike. In most state and national parks the trails are well-marked. However, trails do intersect other trails and a wrong turn at an intersection can add miles to a hike. You may get lost, become bear food, and never be heard from again. So always take a map and compass.

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