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Few buildings in the city of London are as rich in history as the famous Tower of London. This article takes a look at this unique attraction.

There are many imposing buildings in the city of London, but perhaps no building evokes the kind of raw emotional response as the Tower of London. Long used as a notorious prison housing everyone from murderers to political dissidents, the Tower of London is now enjoying a new life as a favorite tourist attraction.

In fact the Tower of London has undergone many such transformations throughout its history, and it has variously served as a royal palace, an armory and even a zoo. The only remaining vestiges of this last incarnations are the famous ravens who call the Tower home. Much mystery and many legends surround these regal birds, and they are well protected within the walls of this unique structure.

Guy Fawkes is perhaps the most famous resident of the Tower of London, and the guards at the Tower have many tales to spin about this unique character in British history. In addition to Fawkes, an array of dignitaries and peasants have been imprisoned within its walls, including three former queens who were beheaded on the Tower Green.

The Tower of London is one of a trio of World Heritage sites within London, with the other two Westminster Abbey and Maritime Greenwich. The Tower of London is one of the most popular tourist attractions in all of London, and it is a must see destination for any first time visitor to the city.

The Tower of London has a rich and fascinating history, making it a great destination for school field trips, history buffs and anyone interested in reliving and experiencing the past. Visitors to the Tower of London can visit the Queen’s House, the place where it is said Anne Boleyn was held prisoner, as well as the infamous Bloody Tower, the spot where Richard II is said to have killed Edward V and his younger brother.

Those interested in a less bloody history are free to visit the famous Crown Jewels, also protected within the imposing walls of the Tower of London. These priceless artifacts are a treasured part of the history of Britain, and visitors should be sure to visit these amazing examples of the jeweler’s art.

Visitors should also be sure to visit the nearby Tower Bridge. This architectural marvel is one of the most recognizable sights in London, and the pedestrian promenade provides a unique way to see the city without getting stuck in one of London’s notorious traffic jams.

After a busy day of touring the Tower of London and its surrounding sights, visitors will need to find a comfortable and affordable place to stay for the night. Even though the city of London has a reputation for being one of the most expensive cities for tourists, in fact there are a number of reasonably priced accommodations for visitors on a budget. A little bit of research and some advance planning can help those visiting London find charming and comfortable accommodations and still have plenty of money left over to see and enjoy the magnificent city of London.

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