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Nothing can ruin a family camping expedition more than a lack of sleep! Here are some essential tips which should help to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep on your camping holiday. The advice ranges from judging where to pitch your tent to choosing the right type of camping mattress.

Some Tips to Help You Get a Good Night’s Sleep on a Camping Holiday.

Apart from the tent blowing down, there is little more likely to ruin an otherwise idyllic camping holiday than a lack of sleep. Here are some tips to help you get a good night’s sleep on the campsite.

Choose your campsite carefully.

If sleep is a priority, take great care choosing the campsite. A quick search of travel and campsite review pages on the internet should help identify any sites likely to be particularly noisy or rowdy. Check the campsites rules and regulations – most sites have a curfew after which, in theory at least, noise is to be kept to a minimum. However, be careful relying on this. For example, an 11.00 pm curfew, after which no noise is permitted, is as good as useless if you’ve been trying to get young children to sleep, in unfamiliar surroundings, for the previous four hours.

Think about the ethos of the campsite as well: is it family-friendly with loads of amenities or is it a more remote “eco site”, with plenty of space and natural scenery but less in the way of cafes and washrooms. A well-run family site could be perfect with a helpful early curfew, or it may be extremely busy with older children playing late into the evening. Likewise, a remote “eco-site” could be ideal, with campers able to pick a quiet spot to pitch their tents among unspoilt nature. Or, you could find yourself beside outdoor enthusiasts talking around the bonfire late into the night.

Choose your pitch just as carefully.

Next to choosing the campsite, the most important thing to keep in mind is the actual pitch you choose. Near the kid’s playground could be handy during the day, but the sound of other children playing in the early – or not so early – evening will be of no help if you’re trying to get your own young children to sleep. Often choosing the best pitch on a family campsite comes down to a simple trade-off between being close and convenient to all the facilities versus the longer walk that having a quieter spot at the edge of the campsite might involve.

Check for slopes.

Okay, the campsite seems fine and you’ve chosen your ideal spot. The temptation now is to get the tent up as quickly as possible. Check the lay of the land first ! A slight slope in the ground doesn’t seem important when you’re putting up the tent. As you lie awake at three in the morning, however, it might feel like you’re sleeping head first down a mountain side. In many campsites, it can prove tricky to find level pitches. If (or rather, when) you do have to pitch the tent on sloping ground, just remember to arrange the tent so that your head is at the top and your feet are at the bottom of any incline. It’s much comfier than the other way around.

Consider a few different types of camping mattresses.

To state the obvious: the bed you choose has a lot todo with whether or not you get a good night’s sleep. Still, most of take off on a camping holiday with the same basic inflatable airbeds. Try a few alternatives. While more expensive, self-inflating mattresses have many advantages. Not least that they self-inflate.

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