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A sunshade is an important feature of the back yard or garden, especially with the rise in global warming and increased UV rays. The exciting variety of sunshades on the market includes stunning and ingenious inventions as well as traditional parasols. This article offers the buyer practical guidelines for narrowing down the options and making the right choice for their needs.

Sunshade Selections, and How to Choose

If you intend to sit out in the sun for a long time, you’ll need some shade against its UV rays, as well as relief from the heat. Dark glasses, a sunhat, and sunscreen are a good start, but you’ll also need a sunshade for full protection. The vast range of sunshades on the market can be bewildering to sift through, but these tips and pointers will guide your search and help you make the best choice for your needs.


A sunshade can be an eye-catching addition to any outside area, providing character and atmosphere as well as shade. You’ll find some stunning designs in the catalogs, appropriate for every setting from balcony to outdoor restaurant, as well as transportable shades for protection on your travels. But don’t let a beautiful design carry you away. Make sure to check the details before buying, taking your needs, facilities, and budget into account.


Consider the size of shade you need. What area do you want it to cover, and how many people will be using it at one time? If your needs are modest, a traditional parasol will serve nicely. It’ll bring a festive air to your sunny corner, while being easy to put up and take down, and neat to store. On the other hand, if you have a large area to protect or many people to provide for, you may need something larger, such as a “sail shade,” or extended stretch of fabric. Depending on which style you buy, a sail shade can be suspended from posts, trees, or walls, although some arrangements may be tricky to remove and store through the winter.


Pick a color that will enhance the look of your area. If your garden is a blaze of color, you may not want to add more jazzy patterns on top. A pale blue or yellow, to match the sky or sun, will add simple charm, while pure white will reflect the serenity of high summer. By contrast, if you have a dull patch of ground in need of brightening up, a multi-colored sunshade will do the trick. Black is also popular, and looks bold and striking against a soft, blue sky.


If you’re sunning yourself on the beach, you may want a flexible shade that you can shift and tip to varying degrees through the day, in line with the sun. A browse online will reveal some exciting options, including simple, surfboard-shaped screens to protect your body as you sunbathe, and adjustable, disc-like shades to keep your head cool. You’ll also find the latest designs in multi-sided sail shades, including some dazzling creations resembling giant flowers or wands.

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