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London is famous for its art scene, and the Tate Modem is one of the finest museums in this vibrant city. This article explores some of the things that make the Tate Modern a must see destination for art lovers.

London has long been a haven for artists and art lovers from around the world, and those visiting this vibrant and modern city have many great museums and art galleries to choose from. From the very classic to the ultra modern, there are plenty of magnificent art installations in this city, and for lovers of modern art the Tate Modem is a can’t miss attraction. For many art lovers no visit to London would be complete without a stroll through its galleries.

For many visitors and locals the location of the Tate Modem is one of its charms. Housed in the former Bankside Power Station, this sleek and architecturally stunning building is located along the banks of the Thames, making it a perfect addition to a day spent strolling and people watching along the banks of this famous river.

Of course it is the inside of the Tate that visitors will be most interested in, and indeed this unique museum houses some of the finest contemporary artwork on view anywhere. The Tate Modern is truly a world class modern art museum, boasting works by the likes of Dali, Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard, Rothko, Warhol, Bourgeois, Pollock and Cézanne. The best of the 20th century art scene is on view here, and the Tate Modern is poised to move into the 21st century with its customary grace, charm and beauty.

A series of temporary exhibitions at the Tate Modem are designed to compliment the stunning permanent collection, and the museum routinely plays host to some of the most exciting contemporary artwork in the world. With art from artists from around Britain and around the world, the curators of the Tate Modern are constantly on the lookout for the best and most cutting edge works of art.

The Tate Modern also hosts a number of special events throughout the year, and visitors to London should be sure to check the Tate’s website and the local newspapers for a list of special events that may be happening. The Tate Modem isa fitting backdrop for many art related gatherings, and its charming location make it a wonderful starting point for any art crawl through this sprawling haven for art lovers.

Of course visitors to the Tate Modem will be in need of a great place to stay, and fortunately there are a number of reasonably priced accommodations within walking distance of the Tate Modern and the other attractions dotting the Thames River. Even though London has a reputation for being a very expensive city, in fact there are many great places to stay for the traveler on a budget. With a little bit of shopping around it is possible to enjoy a good night’s rest in London and still have plenty of pounds left over for sightseeing and museum admissions.

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