Kites can be the most fun way to pass a windy day, and butterfly kites are the most colorful kites around. Even boys will love the bright colors and streamers.

Kites are the best for great fun on a blustery day.

You can enjoy a kite by yourself, just watching the marvel of it flying, or bring a partner to enjoy them with you. You will both love to watch them dip and dive in the windy skies. Almost all kids love kites as well. It’s hard not to love launching something into the air and watching it soar, and especially being able to control it.

The next time you are at the beach, look up in the sky and count the kites. Maybe then you should count the number of butterfly kites sailing the sky.

Butterfly kites are beautifully designed and covered (like most kites) in bright colors. Some of these amazing kites come as project kits for you or your kids, complete with markers and glittery pens so that your kites can be customized. Children love creative projects like this, and watching their creation fly is sure to give them thrills.

Toy stores and hobby shops are likely to stock the butterfly kites you are looking for, especially in the spring and summer months, and even sometimes into the fall.

There are a whole lot of styles and colors to choose from. If you can”t find the perfect kite in a local store, try searching online.

Just keep in mind that you should use caution when buying online, and that it will take a while to ship.

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