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When an emergency occurs, you will probably have very little time to grab enough gear to help you survive. That’s why you need to have a bug out bag or survival kit already assembled and ready to go. An important consideration for your bug out bag is whether to include a weapon. If you decide you need a weapon, you will definitely want to make sure it is the best weapon possible. The best survival weapon for your bag may not necessarily be a firearm. Which weapon is best for you will actually depend upon your unique circumstances such as location and local laws. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of alternative survival weapons such as slingshots, one-handed crossbows, and blowguns. It also discusses the advantages of small caliber firearms over larger calibers.

The Best Survival Weapon for Your Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag is your insurance policy during a time of emergency. The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that people have a bug out bag or survival kit that contains enough supplies to sustain a person for the first 72 hours of an emergency. If your purpose for a bug out bag is just to ride out the emergency at your local emergency shelter, then you probably should not have a weapon in your bug out bag. However, if you live in a non-populated area, or if you’re concerned about surviving the-end-of-the-world-aswe-know-it (TEOTWAWKI) type scenario, then including a weapon in your bug out bag is probably a necessity.

The best weapon for your bug out bag will depend on where you live, and it will also depend on your skillsets. A weapon suitable for inclusion in a bug out bag should be lightweight and durable. Additionally, ammunition should be easy to carry or resupply. The weapon for your bug out bag does not have to be a firearm. In fact, it might be better not to have a firearm as the survival weapon in your bug out bag. If the situation warrants, you can always opt to carry a firearm as an additional weapon to supplement whatever weapon you have in your bug out bag.

Some good weapon choices for your bug out bag are:

Slingshot — A commercial slingshot with metal pellets can be deadly at close range. It can be used to kill small game, and although not as menacing as a firearm, a good slingshot can make even a large man hesitate before attacking you. The advantage of a slingshot is that the metal pellets used for ammunition is lightweight, and you can easily carry 200 or more pellets in your bug out bag. Additionally, you can use small rocks as ammunition to help conserve your metal pellets.

Pellet Gun — A handheld pellet gun is lightweight, and the pellet ammunition is so compact that you can include a thousand rounds in your bug out bag without sacrificing space. Some pellet guns use air cartridges for a propellant, but once you run out of air cartridges, you will not be able to use your pellet gun. A better choice may be a pellet gun with a hand pump. By cocking the pump handle 6 to 10 times, you can build up enough air pressure to kill small game such as squirrels or rabbits.

Blowgun — Unless you’re adept at making poisons, a blowgun that is small enough to fit in your bug out bag will only be suitable for very small game such as mice, rats, birds, and small rabbits. The advantage of a blowgun is that you can make darts out of just about anything, so you will basically have an unlimited supply of ammunition. Additionally, with just minimal care, a metal blowgun can last for decades.

Crossbow — Many sporting goods stores sell one-handed crossbows that are similar to a pistol. Although one-handed crossbows do not have much power, their bolts can be reused over and over, and they can easily bring down small game at short range.

Firearms — If you decide to include a firearm in your bug out bag, many experts recommend a small caliber weapon over a larger weapon. The advantage of a small caliber survival weapon is that you can carry a lot more ammunition that you can carry for a larger weapon. While you may not be able to bring down large game with a .22 caliber rifle, the additional ammunition you can carry will provide you with a lot of small game for your meals.

Your bug out bag should contain the necessary items to help you stay alive during an emergency. If you decide to include a weapon in your bag, then you should pick the best weapon for your area and situation. Whatever weapon you choose, it will be an additional tool to help you stay alive in a survival situation.

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