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This article gives overview of the Dublin Ghost Bus tour operated in Dublin, Ireland. Approximately two hours in length, the Dublin Ghost Bus tour escorts guests into a haunted side of Dublin that few see during the light of day.

Do you remember telling ghost stories when you were a kid? You and your friends would sit in a darkened room recounting the scariest stories you could recall. Thanks to the Dublin Ghost Bus tour operated by Dublin Bus, visitors to Dublin can experience that delicious fear all over again.

The Dublin Ghost Bus tour, claiming to be the only ghost bus in the world, runs nightly through the streets of Dublin. Like all of the Dublin Bus tours, the Ghost Bus departs from the Dublin Bus office on Upper O’Connell Street. Costing twenty-five euros, the tour is open to all over the age of fourteen.

Each evening guests are greeted by their tour guide. However, this guide isn’t just any random tour guide. Each Dublin Ghost Bus guide is a professionally trained actor. He is an expert at telling spooky tales and weaving a magical atmosphere around the entire tour.

During the course of the evening, your guide will regale you with stories of a haunted Dublin. You’ll hear the beginnings of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and the stories of the mysterious Dr. Clossy, who is said to be still walking the halls of the College of Physicians even in death and the legendary Walking Gallows, who acted as judge, jury and executioner to his victims. As you’re escorted through the Dublin city streets your tour guide will point out other haunted spots and enlighten you with the meaning of life and death, according to the Irish.

Your method of transportation for the evening also builds upon the eerie ambiance of the tour. Each guest is ushered aboard the Dublin Ghost Bus at the beginning of your adventure. The Ghost Bus is decorated in a way that sets it apart from all of the other buses roaming throughout Dublin. Its dark paint scheme is broken only by the sinister motifs found along the bus.

Inside the bus, the windows are covered by heavy dark curtains. Drawn for most of the trip, the curtains serve to effectively separate guests from the normal world outside. Even the driver’s window does little to lighten the mood; all guests are on the upper level of the bus and cannot see into the city as they travel. Guests must trust that their faithful driver knows where they are headed.

Destinations on the Dublin Ghost Bus tour are easily as spellbinding as the guide’s tales. The first stop of the evening is St. Kevin’s Park. Now a picturesque park, St. Kevin’s was originally a cemetery. As you take in the headstones circling the park, your guide will educate you in the methods of body snatching.

Another short drive leads the tour to St. Audoen’s Church. The oldest parish church in Dublin, St. Audoen’s is also home to St. Audoen’s Arch. Along either side of the arch are remnants of the city walls. The real attraction here, however, is the city gate. Long thought to be haunted, these gates see few tourists.

When the Dublin Ghost Bus tour is brought to an end, each guest is returned safely to the Dublin Bus office where he began his journey. But as you walk to your hotel or car, you’ll find yourself listening to the eerie silence. There are no such things as ghosts, right? The Dublin Ghost Bus experience will undoubtedly be with you for a long time.

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