Lavender is a remarkable example of nature’s fragrant diversity.

A secret ingredient of many perfume brands, lavender gives as much pleasure to a person who wears it, as the wonderful impressions it conveys to others around.

We may take aromatherapy for granted or even heap scorn on it, but it is always gracious in providing soothing relief and invaluable support when we are in desperate need! Lavender is a striking example of how fragrance can rise above the vagaries of fashion, though it never fails to hold its own in the rarest of haute couture circles.

Though lavender is now grown as far North as Norway, and in the deeply southern latitudes of Australia as well, this fragrant plant is native to both shores of the Mediterranean. It has also been cultivated in parts of the Indian sub-continent for centuries. While many countries would love to lay claims to their original heritage links to species of lavender, there is broad consensus that the oil of the ethereal flowers of this shrub is most versatile in the many ways it can be used.

The medicinal uses of lavender are no less valuable to followers of aromatherapy, though the fragrance is most widely known for its cosmetic purposes.

A large bowl of warm water needs no more than 2 drops of lavender oil for soothing relief. You can inhale the vapors to fight depression or simply soak aching feet in its gentle embrace. People used the oil to fight aches and pains of all kinds before the advent of modern medicine, but it is in providing noninvasive relief from bad moods and general malaise, that this ancient herbal tradition continues to hold its own.

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