If you thought that camping was just for families, think again. Camping for two can be a fantastically romantic weekend away. This article helps you make your camping trip for two a success, focusing on the perfect site, how to set up camp and the ideal tent.

The Joy of Camping for Two

Imagine your average family camping experience; fresh air, kids running free, campfires and quality time. Now, imagine it without the kids. It might seem crazy, but a camping trip for two can be as romantic as any other weekend away — forget Paris, forget New York. From setting up camp and cooking on an open fire to experiencing the outdoor lifestyle, the absence of people and modern distractions means that you can truly focus on each other.

The Perfect Campsite

The first thing to consider when planning your perfect camping trip for two, is what kind of campsite you want to visit. Ideally you want to find a site which does not cater for kids — any large campsite with facilities such as waterslides and children’s activity clubs is unlikely to offer a quiet romantic retreat. Uncommercial campsites with only a small number of pitches are your best chance for peace. Location is also important; try and find somewhere which offers opportunities for activities you like to do — for example walking, cycling, climbing, or just chilling out (there are some excellent coastal campsites if you like beaches). Also check out the campsite’s policy on real fires — forest campsites will not usually allow fire pits for obvious reasons, but others do and a real fire can be very romantic.

The Perfect Tent

Next, we come to accommodation. If you decide to opt for a traditional tent, here are some tips: Firstly, allow for the fact that the ‘people count’ on most tents does not include realistic amounts of luggage. Therefore two people sharing a tent really require at least a three-person tent. To avoid arguments before you even get started on your holiday, opt for a tent that is easy to put up – a dome or “pop-up” tent is a good choice. If you are expecting rain on your trip, make sure to get a double-skin tent, which means that there is an extra layer between you and the outdoors. Nothing dampens romance like a cold, wet tent.

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