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The National Gallery in London is one of the premier destinations for lovers of fine art. This article explores this fabulous artistic treasure in the heart of Britain’s most famous city.

London has long been a favorite destination for art lovers from around the world, and the city boasts some of the most amazing works of art on the planet. From the ultra modern works of art on view at the Tate Modern to the priceless artifacts and Crown Jewels on display at the Tower of London, this vibrant city is truly an art lover’s paradise.

For many art lovers, however, nothing compares to the charm and prestige of the National Gallery. This imposing building is home to some of the most well known and priceless works of art. On display is a vast array of artwork from Western Europe, spanning the centuries from 1250 to 1900.

The vast collection of the National Gallery includes works by such art world luminaries as Rembrandt, Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Turner, Renoir, Cezanne, Rubens, Gainsborough and Van Gogh. In addition to this amazing permanent collection the National Gallery also plays host to a series of traveling exhibitions, including some of the finest artwork on the planet.

The National Gallery also hosts a number of special events throughout the year, and visitors to London should be sure to ask museum personnel about any upcoming exhibitions, lectures, films or other special events. Museum staff can also assist visitors with guided tours, special talks and other special programs.

The National Gallery is located just off Trafalgar Square at the north corner, making it the perfect starting point for any day in London. Trafalgar Square itself is a must see for any visitor to London, and this wonderful meeting place is a great place to relax and watch the city of London go by.

The National Gallery also provides a fine contrast to the modern works on display at the Tate Modem and other galleries throughout the city. Lovers of art history should be sure to include both of these museums on their itinerary, and art lovers from around the world revel in the contrast between classic and modern that can be found in this charming city.

Of course those art lovers will need a great place to stay, and luckily there are plenty of reasonably priced accommodations even in this highly desirable area. Many visitors to the National Gallery and Trafalgar Square assume that they cannot afford to stay in this neighborhood, but in fact with a little bit of research it is often possible to get a great night’s deep in London without breaking the bank.

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