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An article giving examples of the many different sights and attractions available in London.

A trip to London can mean packing in many attractions in a short space of time and can seem a bit daunting at first look. With plenty to see and do on offer, you’ll never be at a loose end and may wonder how you are going to manage it all.

The best way to approach your trip is to start by picking out the things that interest you most and then fitting in as many of the other attractions as possible around that.

A ride on The London Eye is probably the best way to achieve an over view of the city and get a feel for the layout. A sit takes its tranquil journey in an arc over the land you can sit back, relax and pick out the buildings and landmarks you hope to visit. The other way to do this is by taking a cruise down The River Thames. This has the added bonus of being accompanied by a guide who will point out anything of interest and answer any questions you might have.

Staying in London can be expensive, not only for the accommodation itself, but for the sightseeing and attractions you’ll want to experience while there. To keep the costs down it’s perfectly possible to book a cheaper hotel, leaving you more of your hard earned money to spend on enjoying yourself. Choose carefully. Check the standards of the hotel by reading up on what previous guests have to say about it. You can do this by visiting the hotel’s website itself or by browsing various travel websites that list customer reviews.

Probably at the top of most people’s list of must dos while in the city is The Tower of London and Buckingham Palace. You can’t visit London without seeing these most famous attractions, but there are plenty of other, less popular things you might want to experience to give you more of a balance. Some of these are also inexpensive and even free to attend.

Speakers Corner, for example, is a fascinating place to visit. Even if you have nothing to say for yourself once there, it can be riveting to simply stand and listen to the other speakers. Camden Markets attract 500,000 visitors per week and specialise in vintage clothing as well as up and coming young designers, thus offering an insight into the possible trends and fashions of tomorrow. You don’t have to buy anything if you don’t want to, but it’s certainly worth a look.

Something else you can view for free that you should make sure you visit while in London is The Diana, Princess of Wales’ Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park. There’s much emotion attached to this $6.5 million memorial and nobody goes away unmoved.

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