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Knowing where to go and what to do in a country as vast and diverse as India can be difficult without proper help. Planning an itinerary based on your specific interests can be done more easily if you can read about travel experiences from like-minded people. The best Indian travel blogs go beyond descriptions of popular attractions and tell beautiful stories about the land and its people. Here are five Indian travel blogs that do the job best.

Some people pack their travel trips with sightseeing and shopping, while others delve deeper into their destinations and their journeys. Those that do the latter, usually have interesting stories to tell because they experience all that a travel destination has to offer. They document their experiences for those who can only live vicariously through them, or for those who want to plan a similar trip. Through their blogs, you’ll be transported to another world.

India is a vast and diverse land, and so much can be written about it. The following five blogs are some of the best travel blogs you’ll find on India. Each one is of a different flavour, so there’s something for everyone.

1. Windy Skies

Windy Skies, found at windy-skies., is an eight year old travel blog that has been featured by Lonely Planet in the travelogue category. The writer takes you on a journey through India’s culture by making observations of the way everyday people around the country live their lives. Every detail of sub-cultures and religions that might escape most people’s notice, is brought into sharp focus in his posts. He covers street life, festivals, little known destinations, and road and rail journeys. This is the blog for those that want to really experience the true heart and soul of India.

2. A Wandering Mind

The writer’s posts at span the gamut, from attractions and local markets to book and hotel reviews. She also covers travel related events that happen in her home city of Mumbai, and will make you wish your career was half as interesting! She’ll show you that having children doesn’t mean that you have to give up traveling, but can instead see the world through their eyes. This blog will make you wish you had more time to travel.

3. A Travel Blog of An Indian Backpacker

While most of the travels of the writer at are within India, she does occasionally journey to a foreign land and gives you a nice contrast to her writings about India. She’ll add local flavour to her posts by getting into conversations with the locals, and detailing their cultures and heritage. When covering destinations, she may tell you about interesting trails that ancient Indian dynasties ruled over. Her posts are more like stories, infused with humour and poignancy, and guaranteed to draw you into her world.

4. Travel Tales from India

This blog, at, is great for those who want helpful information along with the writer’s insight into travel locations. You’ll find FAQs about destinations, and travel tips and advice mixed in with interesting anecdotes from the writer’s travels. As an amateur photographer, she’ll show you attractions and destinations from an interesting angle.

5. India Travel Blog

This blogger has explored the length and breadth of India, and has photographed vivid landscapes, scenes and portraits. The images could fit in perfectly in any world class travel magazine, and they all tell a story of the land and its people. Every post contains interesting nuggets about journey pit stops, well known attractions and unexpected visual delights. The writer also reviews hotels and books related to travel.

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