This article broadly addresses the wonders of nature. Its scope intends to reinforce an appreciation for nature at its simplest and most readily available. The idea is to awaken an appreciation for nature in all its forms, not just the spectacular.

The Wonders of Nature

The world in which we live is a wonderland of infinite beauty and our very existence within it is, in itself, a nearly incomprehensible miracle of creation. Yet, how many of us truly enjoy the wonders of nature that surround us, or fully appreciate the incredible variety of life which nature bestows?

Often, we seem to overlook the marvels of our everyday environment that feel so familiar. Yet, in truth, we need not look any further for the wonders of nature than our own backyards.

So the next time you notice that a thunderstorm may threaten a day at the ball game, or that a pesky inhabitant of the night has invaded our carefully collected and sorted trash, remember that, but for the wonders of nature, our lives would be truly reduced to nothing more than the humdrum routine we have failed to penetrate. It may come as a big, and welcome, surprise, when we uncover the true wonders of nature that help to make our lives more meaningful, more beautiful, and more sacred.

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