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The faster this world moves, the more important and enriching it is that we stop and interact with the wild creatures who share this planet with us. All of the new gadgets and technology that has ever been invented can never replace the experience of being up close, face to face, interacting with the wild animals who share the earth, and the future, with us. There are a few ways that you can make the best of this opportunity, for you and your children.

Wildlife viewing is a fascinating pastime and a great way for children and adults to learn the value of the creatures that live among us and the importance of conservation. The best time to interact with and view wildlife varies from season to season and state to state, but there are a few general tips that you should follow at all times.

How to Spot Wildlife

Check the ranger station or park headquarters for tips on what type of wildlife is native to the area. They will tell you the best place to start and they may even have field guides or checklists to aid you.

Wear proper attire, such as natural colored clothing, no jingling or flashy jewelry or sunglasses. Do not wear perfumes and make sure any lotion you apply is unscented. This will help you blend in with the surroundings so as not to alarm the animals.

Binoculars, spotting scopes, and cameras are the best tools for observing wildlife.

Cars and trucks make great observatories.

View at dusk and dawn, the times when wildlife is most active.

Weather is a factor. Some animals will come out to feed just before a storm while others will hide.

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