There are many different trails a hiker can choose to walk on. This article describes the varied types of hiking, from nature walking to backpacking. While encouraging anyone to be a hiker by simply setting forth on the trail, it also describes which hikes are best suited for the hiker’s recreational purpose.

To Be a Hiker

In a culture where productivity is a priority, many of us have trained our minds and bodies to do. In the midst of accomplishing one goal, we often find ourselves planning our next task or pursuit. But hiking is different. The trail is an invitation to take a few steps and simply be there. The images and remembrances of the daily grind give way to a new awareness. You can hear the breeze moving through leaves, or see bags of pollen hanging off a bumbling bee. You may feel changes in temperature or hear the piercing cry of a hawk. Hiking can introduce you to the present moment.

A hiker is something you are the moment you set forth on a trail. There are different types of hikes you can embark upon, ranging from a stroll through a field of wildflowers to a vertical battle with rhododendrons. These hikes are classified based on their length, terrain, and difficulty. The main types of hikes are nature walks, day hikes, backpacking, and thru-hiking. There are other types of hiking that require additional skills and knowledge, including mountaineering, Canyoneering, bushwhacking and coasteering.

Which trail you choose depends on your recreational purpose.

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