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Tuscany offers adventurous travelers the opportunity to participate in a variety of educational activities that highlight the culture, history and beauty of the region.

Many people are foregoing the traditional European vacation. Tired of the typical tour group agenda, a new breed of traveler is opting for a more educational experience. A variety of programs are available in Tuscany region of Italy that provide individuals an in depth perspective on subjects as diverse as art history, regional Italian cuisine and winemaking.

A two-week program in art history provides an intense study of the magnificent work of the Renaissance art of Florence. Daily lectures and field trips offer the traveler a first hand look at the most important works of artists such as Michelangelo, Raphael and da Vinci. Art history and culture are made accessible through guided instruction and hands-on study.

If Tuscan cuisine is more to your liking why not enroll in a week long culinary arts program? Designed with amateur chefs in mind, participants learn to prepare a variety of regional Italian cuisine. Professional chefs provide demonstrations and instruction on typical Italian ingredients, cooking techniques and valuable tips on preparation and presentation. Each day students prepare entrees and dine together in the manner of a typical Italian family.

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