With tourism on the increase, most European cities are experiencing large volumes of pedestrians, and Berlin is no exception. This article gives the tourist some useful tips on walking around this magnificent city.

Walking around Berlin is no different to most other large European cities. Listed below are a few useful points to note to make your journey more pleasurable.

Pavement Etiquette

Pavement etiquette is something that is often overlooked and is important for several reasons. It can be very stressful trying to get from A to B and being constantly bumped into, or having to move around those that, without explanation, stop dead in their tracks. More irritating still is the need to change course quickly, due to the sudden appearance of people who walk blindly from a doorway and into your path. By following some simple pavement manners, you can avoid any unnecessary hassle. Try to keep to the right hand side of the pavement when walking. If you have to stop, be courteous and move to the side next to a building so that others may pass by. You may also notice that other pedestrians appear to be walking on a path directly into you. This can be quite alarming, though do not worry as they will change course at the final moment. You will find that contact is very seldom made.

Pedestrian crossings

When crossing a road in Berlin, it is best to do so at a designated crossing point, such as a pedestrian crossing. While at the pedestrian crossing, wait for the light to turn green before proceeding, even when there is no traffic on the road. You will find that the majority of pedestrians wait until the green light is shown, especially when children are about as it teaches them road safety. It is an offence to cross when a red light is showing. If caught, you may be punished with a fine.

Cycle routes

Berlin, like many cities, has a growing number of cyclists, and many of the roads and paths have designated cycle routes. You should be aware of these routes as cyclists can become rather irate if you walk in this area and impede them. Ona safety note, it may also result in injury due to collision, so it is advisable to be observant. The cycle routes are clearly marked, with both signposts and ground markings. If a footpath has none, the cyclists are required to use the road.

By observing the points listed above, your excursion will be far more enjoyable and therefore more worthwhile.

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