Camping has always been a popular outdoor pastime for seeing the country. The use of a Jayco pop up camper can be a big step up from a tent in the way of comfort and style. This article describes some of the steps in setting up a Jayco pop up camper.

The Jayco pop up camper is a compact, easily towed trailer that houses an impressive amount of amenities that will keep you comfortable at any campground. This is a brief introduction to some of the features, set up, and use of this well designed camping system.

When you arrive at a new campground with your Jayco pop up camper you know that you have your choice of almost any tent site on the grounds due to the campers small size and maneuverability. You need to make sure that electricity is available at your chosen site to power your air conditioner, entertainment, and refrigerator. Also look for a site with a fresh water hook-up for your sink and
optional hot water heater.

After unhitching the camper from your vehicle, you need to level and stabilize your Jayco camper so that it doesn’t rock when you are in the set up process. After dropping the leveling jacks down under each corner of the camper, you then easily jack the support down, using the built-in leveling indicator, until the unit is level and solid. There is an option of a set of electric driven jacks that will lower and support the camper at the touch of a button.

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