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Take a tour of Milan, Italy to visit fabulous historical sites, modern displays of culture and great restaurants. This article gives a brief outline of things to do and also tips to remember while you’re visiting Milan, Italy…

Visiting Milan, Italy for a Spectacular Tour of Italy’s Past and Present

Milan, Italy, the second largest city in Italy, offers exciting tours through both the past and present times of Italy. Milan is a leader in fashion, music and design, but is also the capital in business, housing Italy’s leading stock exchange.

Milans Convenient Tourism Location

Milan carries a population of one and a half million people, and is located just south of the Italian Alps. Right next door are Venice and Florence, fabulous ski resorts, and also Liguria and Cinque Terre, which are by the sea.

Tourist Tips to Make Your Milan Trip More Pleasant

Prepare to Shop til You Drop

If you love shopping, then bring plenty of money and prepare to shop til you drop! Milan offers some of the most fabulous design shops and also showrooms for the most brilliant designers such as Krizia, Coveri, Versace and Armani. Shopping for clothing in Milan is a unique and thrilling experience. After all, Milan is known as the city of high fashion.

Touring the Churches of Milan

The Duomo is a must-see Gothic architecture that is dated back to 1300, and houses the famed Madonnina, which is a statue of the Virgin Mary covered in 3,900 pieces of golden leaf.

Another beautiful religious structure is the Basilica of Sant Eustorgio, a medieval building that dates back to the fourth century.

Located in the reflectory of Santa Maria delle Grazie is the famous painting called The Last Supper, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, and its quite a sight to see!

If you’re a woman, and plan to take a tour of the beautiful churches of Milan, be sure to wear long sleeves or take a light sweater (even in summer). You won’t be allowed to enter the churches with bare shoulders!

The Museums of Milan

Milan is home to many fascinating museums such as the Museum of Science and Technology, which focuses on subjects of astronomy, computers and everything in between. The Museum of Ancient Art enables you to view some of the most important sculptures, some dating back to the fourth century.

If you’re interested in theater, La Scala Theater Museum is worth a visit. You’ll be able to view exhibits of costumes and theater settings from the past.

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