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We all like hanging out with our canine best friends, but unfortunately, they can’t go everywhere with us. Whether you are hitting up a skate park, going surfing, or doing something else in a place that is not dog-friendly, you want to make sure your pet is safe and comfortable. Read further for ideas on what to do with your dog while you recreate.

What to Do with Your Dog If He Can’t Join You

So, you want to go surfing, skating, or engaging in some other not-so-dog-friendly outdoor activity and you’ve got your dog with you. No big deal. Depending on the temperament of your dog, there are some options for keeping your dog safe and happy while you hit the water or grind some rails.

Tying your dog up nearby — Make sure your dog has a gentle, even temperament before leashing him or her to a pole, tower, or railing. If your dog has leash aggression, doesn’t get along with other dogs, or is not kid-friendly, you will want to try another option. However, if your pup is super-chill and gets along with everyone, feel free to attach the leash to a solid, unmovable object in the shade.

Don’t forget to put a water bow within reach. Keep in mind, though, that certain locales have strict laws about this sort of thing, so do some research before you head out. Also, be aware of your surroundings and scan for any hazards before leaving your pup alone, and make sure you are in a dog-friendly neighborhood to avoid poochnapping.

Leaving your dog in the car — If it is summertime, you do not want to take this route; cars heat up quickly, even with the windows open. Also, if your dog barks a lot, the excessive noise can be a nuisance to passersby. However, if it is a cool, pleasant day and your dog is mellow, the car can be a viable option. If your pooch is relatively friendly, you can leave him in the car for brief periods with the windows open 1 to 2 inches (to prevent people from sticking their hands in, since dogs can often get protective of vehicles). Make sure to leave plenty of water so the animal can stay hydrated in your absence. Again, local municipalities can have special laws for this, so check before you head out.

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