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This article serves as a guide on what to pack for a trip to the Philippines. Knowing what to wear will help you adjust to the weather and ensure that you don’t offend locals. It also includes tips on other essential items to add to your packing list.

What to Wear to Your Trip to the Philippines

Packing for a trip to the Philippines should always take its climate into consideration. The Philippines is an archipelago in Southeast Asia that can be found between the South China Sea and the Pacific Ocean. As a tropical country, it only has two seasons, namely, wet season and dry season. It can be humid year-round but in general, March to May are considered the summer months and June to September are the rainy months.

A trip to one or several of its many beautiful beaches during summer should include the typical beach essentials. Casual wear is acceptable in almost all places in resort towns, and shorts, tank tops or T-shirts and flip-flops are standard even in restaurants. A sarong can double as a cover-up to your swimwear as well as serve as beach blanket. Don’t forget your sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and always bring sunblock. Clothes made of lightweight materials will help you bear the heat.

As the only Catholic country in Asia, Filipinos can be on the conservative side. Bikinis are becoming a common sight in beaches with more touristy places but for off-the-beater-path destinations, it may be wiser to stick to less flesh-baring swimwear. It will not be uncommon to see locals wearing a T-shirt and shorts over their swimwear in places that don’t get many international tourists.

If you will be stopping by Metro Manila before or after your trip to the beach, remember that the city is not close to the beach and therefore try to dress up a little more. Dress code is still more or less casual except in nice restaurants and high-end malls but do try not to look like you’re ready to jump into a pool. Certain places in Manila, like most malls, may not let you in if you are just in flip-flops.

For the rainy season, a jacket and an umbrella should suffice in the city. If you’re going to the provinces, a raincoat may come in handy, especially if you’ll be far from town. For the most part, rainy season can be very sticky and humid so your wardrobe should be made up of lightweight fabrics as well.

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