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It is common knowledge that you should never feed wildlife, but, unfortunately, many people still do. This article explains why you should keep wildlife wild, and keep your food to yourself. Not only can feeding wildlife create a danger to yourself and to others, but to the animal you are feeding as well.

Why You Should Never Feed Wildlife

As more and more human beings move into the world’s major cities and away from rural areas where wildlife sightings are common, they becomes less and less aware of the very real risks and dangers associated with feeding wildlife. Every year, particularly in the simmer, hikers, campers, and wilderness explorers can’t help but offer food to deer, goats, and sometimes even bears, often for the sake of mapping a cool picture that they can then post to social media.

However, feeding wildlife is not only a bad idea, but it is downright unlawful in many areas. You should think twice before offering the food scraps in your car to the young grizzly that you are lucky enough to see by the side of the road. Wanting to see and capture pictures of such rare wildlife is understandable, but you may be causing irreparable harm if you do anything besides snap a picture from the safety of your vehicle and move on.

One of the main reasons why getting wildlife accustomed to human food is not recommended is simply because it creates a danger to human beings. Many wild animals do not see us as natural prey, but their instincts also tell them to leave us alone. An animal that begins to see humans as harmless may become more bold and aggressive towards people if they feel bothered. This can result in attacks that may land you in the hospital. Most animals are naturally wary of human beings, and it is best, for both them and us, to keep it that way.

When you feed an animal, you are not only creating a risk to other humans, but you are putting the life of that animals in direct danger as well.

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