Lost in the wild and don’t know what to do? If you put together this survival kit ahead of time, you’re going to do fine.

A detailed article on putting together a wilderness survival kit that almost anyone can put together and afford.

I love travel, and in particular I love traveling in the woods. Whether it is a three day mountain bike trip in the desert, or a seven day hike through Alaskan wilderness to a glacier and back, I’m game. As someone who loves to be in the wilderness, I also know that the smallest of things can put you in trouble. You sprain an ankle and can’t get back to the boat pick up in time, so you’re stuck for the next 36 hours, and are those clouds a storm coming in?

You had better have a good wilderness survival kit.

It’s not a bad idea to purchase a well put together wilderness survival kit, but if you’re like me, you tend to make your own. While the survival kit for a desert landscape and an Alaskan landscape should be different, there are general things that are always good for a survival kit, and | like to put together one that fits in a basic knap sack for easy carrying. This way even if I’m only planning a day hike, if things go wrong I have a much better chance of staying alive until someone finds me.

The following are the necessities for a basic wilderness survival kit that should be helpful.

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