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Winter can slow down the best of us in terms of exercise. Icy rain, snow and sleet can make it discouraging to go outdoors for our usual walk or jog. A proper layering system can help you stay fit and active even through rough winter weather. This article discusses the options available for good winter workout apparel and how to plan your winter exercise wardrobe.

Exercise is key to staying fit and controlling your weight through the winter season. Many exercisers scurry inside and put off exercise until spring (or at least until after New Year’s Day), but that leaves you with months of zero physical activity. When you start a weight loss or exercise plan, it’s important to stick with it. For keeping active in winter, investing in proper winter sporting gear will help immensely.

Why You Need Good Apparel To Exercise in Winter

A thin coat for running to your car simply won’t cut it. When you exercise, you need to keep moving for sustained periods of time. For walking exercise, you need to walk for at least twenty minutes to get the full benefits. Whether you choose to power walk outside, jog or hike in the woods, good winter apparel will keep you warm and dry. That way, you can exercise longer in comfort.

Regular clothes and summer workout gear keep you warm enough. Many cotton workout clothes absorb moisture, don’t properly insulate and won’t allow you to move comfortably if the weather is cold and wet. A proper winter workout wardrobe is important so you can move comfortably, no matter what the outside is like.

Invest in a Good Waterproof Shell

The most important apparel you can invest in is a water proof outer shell. Many parkas and outer coats have waterproofing, A water proof jacket is an important piece of your outdoor winter wardrobe. In lieu of a parka, a breathable rain jacket can be the perfect guard against cold rain and snow when layered with a warm under-layer.

Many people neglect to purchase water proof outerwear for their lower half. Waterproof pants will give you an extra edge to stay warm and dry. They are one of the most important pieces of equipment to ensure you can stay active outside.

Insulating Apparel

Your insulating layer shouldn’t be bulky; that makes it hard to move. It should be both warm and moisture-wicking because you sweat when you exercise and sweat will chill you.

Microfiber shirts are close fitting but highly insulating, ensuring good body heat storage. A thermal shirt beneath a light sweater provides adequate warmth for exercising in freezing temperatures. Browse your local sporting goods store for high quality microfiber shirts and pullovers. These are great for layering and are often moisture-wicking, ensuring you won’t get cold from your sweat as you work out.

Thermal pants or long underwear are the perfect way to keep your legs warm. Choose close-fitting and flexible fabrics that allow you to move.

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